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Air Compressor Screens

Dramatically Reduce Harmful Air Compressor Noise! Easy and Effective Portable Hearing Protection!

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  • Portable Air Compressor Sound Control Screens feature a heavy duty -3/16" Extruded Aluminum Frame.  Goff's Sound Curtains
    • Specifically Designed for 5-10 HP Vertical & Horizontal Piston Drive Reciprocating Compressors 2, 3, & 4 Sided Screens!
  • Note: There is a 4" gap from the bottom of the curtain to the floor to allow air to flow through.
  •          There is a 7" gap from the bottom of the curtain to the floor on screens with casters.
    • Optional Castor Kits Available.

Benefits of Goff's Air Compressor Sound Control Screens Include:

  • High performance - sound transmission loss to 45db
  • Durable & Sleek Panels
  • Improves Working Conditions
  • Economical alternative to metal enclosures or walls
  • Custom Made for Each Application!
  • Features of Goff's Air Compressor Sound Control Screens Include:

  • Panels connect with full length Velcro
  • Typical STC of 29 within coverage area
  • High Mass Vinyl Barriers (no lead)
  • Viscoelastic acoustic damper with suspended mineral particles and an aluminum constraining layer
  • 18 oz solid vinyl outer layer
  • Sound Transmission Loss

    Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC*

    12 16 25 32 38 45 29


    *STC- Sound Transmission Class


    Goff's Enterprises, Inc. warrants FIVE years from date of purchase.

    Goff's Enterprises, Inc. warrants all Curtain Wall Systems from failure in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of FIVE years from date of purchase. A LIFETIME warranty on all track & roller hardware. Goff's Enterprises may elect to repair or replace defective or damaged goods.

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    Collision Services has ordered for many years from Goff with great success. They have excellent turn around times once an order is placed and ship. They also make sure that the product is packaged properly and have excellent customer service.

    John Brinker
    Collision Services
    Hudson, Iowa

    "The product you offered is exactly what we needed for this application. It's a good looking product. It's clean and affordable and the compact size and durability of the product made our decision. 

    Your sales staff is very polite and professional. Each of my purchases have been a pleasure and you've made it easy to understand the product and its ... Read more

    Goff Enterprises continually surpasses our expectations! ALL of our salesmen have "Goff Success Stories". Quality product, expedient quotes, excellent pricing, accurate shipments, post order challenges rectified quickly...Goff IS the real deal!
    Mid Middleton
    Carolina Material Handling

    Goff's Curtain Walls was great to work with, they made sure that they were making the exact product to fulfill my requirements. When the packages arrived, all parts required for more than 1 type of installation were included and the curtain product exceeded my expectations. I used the curtain to separate a car bay of the garage from my woodworking shop. I highly recommend the white product... Read more

    "Goff's was very helpful and the product worked perfected. I like the wide selection of products you supply."

    Mike Kappel

    Ace MC, LLC

    West Bend, WI

    I have been a Goff customer since 1985. I as well as my customers have been very happy with the product and installation. It has always been a pleasure to work with the company and it’s employees who provide excellent customer service. I am proud to sell these products as I am always sure to have a happy customer.

    Don Young

    Young’s Equipment Sales, LLC

    Maplewood, NJ

    "The Factory Support & Follow Up is Second to None!"

    Mike Callahan

    DACO Material Handling

    Kent, WA

    "I can pick up the phone or email any of the staff I know at Goff's and they will all work with me to provide the best solution to a problem. They are willing to stand behind their products and give me and my customers the support we need.

    ... Read more

    Industries Include:

    General Industrial
    Wood Working
    And Many More.........

    Panels attach to a heavy duty -3/16" Extruded Aluminum Frame 



    Easily Slide the Screen out of the Way with Goff's Caster Kit.Kit includes 4 rollers.

    Curtain Cleaner

    Goff's Curtain Cleaner is a non-chemical based cleaner that cleans & removes dirt & grime from all types of vinyls.  It is safe for all vinyl & pvc curtain wall product. It will not harm or yellow the clear window section and works great as an all purpose cleaner!

    Shield All

    Goff's Shield All is an entirely water based liquid that creates a protective barrier for the curtain from dirt, grime, & over-spray.
    Goff's Shield All dries transparent & "tack free".  The curtains remain flexible and flame retardant if peeled off.
    Easily wash off shield and dirt with water and re-apply for long lasting, clean curtains!

    Sound Curtain Floor Sweep

    The SoundCurtain Floor Sweep is insulated and is replaceable if dirty or damaged. 

    Vertical Compressors:

    2 Sided (60" W x 96" H)

    3 Sided (60" W x 96" H)

    4 Sided (60" W x 96" H)

    Horizontal Compressors

    2 Sided (60" W x 84" L x 80" H)

    3 Sided (60" W x 84" L x 60" W x 80" H)

    4 Sided (60" W x 84" L x 80" H)

    9 Vinyl Color Options Available!

    Beige -18 oz
    Black -18 oz
    Blue -18 oz
    Green -18 oz
    Grey -18 oz
    Orange -18 oz
    Red -18 oz
    White -18 oz
    Yellow -18 oz